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Evening Madrassa (Quran) Classes

Evening Quran and Tarbiyah School are based on each individual child, depending on their memory skill level. Each student has the opportunity to progress at their own pace.

Registration: Students must be registered in the last week of August to start at the beginning of the school year (in September each year). Please download, fill out the registration form, and deliver filled form and payment to the Imam.

Age: Students must be 6 years old and above.

Availability: Class availability is on a first come first serve basis.

Days and groups: Classes will be conducted with two groups of students who will participate for two days every week.

Group A: Monday & Wednesday, and Group B: Tuesday & Thursday.

Schedule: Classes will be from Monday to Thursday at 6-8 pm (March – November) and 5-7 pm (November – March).

Duration: Classes will be for 10 months each year (excluding one-month Ramadan, March break, winter break, Eid days and statutory holidays).

Payment: The payment for the evening madrassa ($ 50 per student per month) is to be made by one-time direct deposit, pre-authorized, machine or a bank-cheque to the MSOG account at the beginning of the semester in September. Or, in case needed, the payment could be made by a couple of bank cheques over a period of time. The MSOG is not encouraging any cash payment for the evening madrassa. Please download and fill out the form for the payment.

Receipt: The total payment for the evening madrassa will be counted as a donation to the mosque, the receipt will be provided at the end of the year, and you may use the receipt for the tax return.

Bursary: In case needed, parents can apply for the bursary to the MSOG who might not afford the cost.


Teacher: Imam Sheikh Ibrahim Gangat (  )

Director: Dr. M. M. Hamiduzzaman (  )

Please Contact Imam Ibrahim for more information.


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