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Summer Camp 2023

Welcome to Meezan Camp, an exceptional summer experience tailored to children aged 6 to 12 within our Muslim Community Centre. We are proud to offer a unique environment where your children can immerse themselves in an Islamic setting, fostering their faith, character development, and social connections. With the esteemed guidance of our dedicated Imam, Mubeen Butt, your children will embark on a summer adventure that combines fun activities, Islamic teachings, and a nurturing environment.

Key Highlights:

  1. Islamic Environment: A Safe Haven for Your Children At Meezan Camp, we understand the importance of providing a wholesome Islamic environment for your children. Rest assured that your kids will be in a secure space, shielded from non-Islamic influences, ensuring they can embrace their faith with confidence. Our camp is carefully designed to cultivate an atmosphere of Islamic values, offering an enriching experience that strengthens their spiritual connection and fosters a sense of belonging within the Muslim community.

  2. Direct Supervision by Esteemed Imam Mubeen Butt Meezan Camp is privileged to have the direct supervision and guidance of our esteemed Imam, Mubeen Butt. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Imam Butt ensures that your children receive authentic Islamic teachings in a nurturing manner. From engaging discussions to interactive lessons, Imam Butt imparts valuable wisdom, helping children understand and apply Islamic principles in their daily lives. The presence of our esteemed Imam further enhances the quality and authenticity of our camp experience.

  3. Engaging Activities: Fun and Learning Combined We believe in a holistic approach to education and entertainment. Meezan Camp offers a diverse range of engaging activities that blend fun and learning, ensuring your children have a memorable summer adventure. From arts and crafts to sports, nature exploration to storytelling, our carefully curated activities provide a well-rounded experience. Each activity is thoughtfully infused with Islamic values, allowing children to develop essential life skills while deepening their understanding of Islam.

  4. Character Development and Social Connections Meezan Camp aims to nurture the character and social skills of your children. Through group activities, team-building exercises, and collaborative projects, we promote values such as empathy, respect, leadership, and kindness. By interacting with peers who share the same Islamic values, children will forge lasting friendships and develop a sense of unity within the Muslim community. Our camp environment encourages personal growth, empowering children to become confident and responsible individuals.

Registration Details:

  • Dates: July 10 to August 31 – 2023
  • Location: 286 Water Street, Guelph, ON.
  • Age Group: Children aged 6 to 12
  • Limited Spaces Available: Secure your child’s spot by registering early.
  • Cost: $125 per week

Join Meezan Camp Today! Give your children an unforgettable summer experience filled with Islamic teachings, joyful activities, and a nurturing environment. Enroll them in Meezan Camp and rest assured that they will flourish under the guidance of our esteemed Imam, Mubeen Butt. Together, let’s empower the next generation with the values and teachings that will shape them into exemplary Muslims and contributing members of society.

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