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MSOG Facilities Usage Guidelines

Executive Committee Approved Version

Rules and Regulations

Individuals and agencies may not rent, sublet, transfer, or assign their interest in the use of MSOG facilities, nor may they act as an umbrella agency in the use of MSOG facilities for other individuals, groups, or agencies.

All reservation requests must be sponsored by one of the MSOG Committees. Prior approval of committee chair is required.

All reservations are offered on first-come and first-serve basis.

MSOG reserves the right for cancellation prior to or during the event.

Special events (i.e. funeral services, weddings, prayers, guest lectures etc.) will take precedence over recurring or specific group events.

The sponsoring individual, family or group is responsible for seeing that cars and other vehicles use only prescribed parking areas. The sponsoring individual, family or group is responsible for all damage to buildings, furniture or equipment. The sponsoring individual, family or group will be held liable and billed for any repairs, replacement of damaged property, or both.

Hallways are only to be used for entering and leaving.

Firearms and objects resembling firearms are prohibited on MSOG property as mandated by local laws.

Open fires, flames, cooking are not permitted on MSOG premises, Smoking or the use of any tobacco product is strictly prohibited on all MSOG properties at all the times.

Islamic behaviour regarding language, dress, gender intermixing, and general Islamic etiquette are strictly enforced.

Any misrepresentation by an organization or individual, or abuse of any MOSG system employee or property, may result in immediate termination of the contract, including being asked to immediately vacate the premises and denial or revocation of that Applicant’s request for future use.

Any Applicant who abuses the privilege shall have the privilege revoked.

Regular classes will generally be scheduled in the classrooms. Religious Conferences and activities will be scheduled in the Main Prayer Hall & Meetings of up to 10 people will be scheduled in the MSOG Office.

Applicant may not advertise events on MSOG property until obtaining their approved facility reservation, which constitutes a binding contract between the Applicant and the MSOG system.

All publicity must include the name of the Individual or group sponsoring the event. The MSOG name shall not be listed as a sponsoring agency on any materials.

Signage may be placed on MSOG property only during the organization’s approved time of use. Signage displayed must be temporary in nature and must be in compliance with all local sign and display regulations.

Facility Application Process & Usage Guidelines

  • Check our resource reservation Calendar and verify that the required facility is available.
  • Complete the  Online reservation form
  • A non-refundable $100 facilities usage fee is required for each single event.
  • A refundable $100 security deposit fee is required if food will be served at event. The fee is refunded within two weeks after the facility usage and compliance with MSOG rules.
  • We have about 150 chairs, 12 round tables, and 20 rectangular (3′ and 5′) tables that can be used for your event. Usage charges will be $1/chair and $5/round table and $3/rectangular table.
  • The facilities usage fee, the chair & table usage fee, and if applicable the security deposit fee should be paid in advance to the MSOG office after you have received an email requesting you to sign the contract and pay the fees.
  • It is a requesting committee’s/individual’s responsibility to check the online calendar and verify that the requested reservation has been made.
  • The Reservations System will generate emails for confirmed reservations within on week of the request. If a requested space is not available or not appropriate for the requested use we will notify you that the reservation request has been rejected.
  • Prior to facility usage, applicant shall check-in at the MSOG Office.
  • The MSOG office will provide the Applicant access to the furniture room for the use of catering reservations. Applicant is responsible for the setup and breakdown; all furniture must be placed in furniture storage room at the end of the program.
  • If there is a problem with the facility, personnel, or equipment during your use, please notify MSOG office on the day of the event.
  • Food and drinks can only be served in the classrooms. Under no circumstance will food or drinks be allowed in the prayer Halls.
  • Any facility that is reserved but not in use can be used by authorized committee representatives 30 minutes after the start time of reservation.
  • Users are responsible for removing garbage/trash, sweeping floor, and arranging all furniture, fixtures, toys etc. after each use. Garbage and trash should be disposed of property and taken to city dumpster.
  • Decorative items may not be placed anywhere in the facility. Only table decorations are permissible. All reservation decorations must be removed by applicant(s) at the conclusion of the event. MSOG will not be responsible for any equipment or supplies that are left on the premises.

Applicant’s Liability

  • The Muslim Society of Guelph (MSOG) will not be responsible for any injury to anyone using the premises of the Muslim Community Centre, Liability for injuries occurring on these premises will be the sole responsibility of individual(s) actually causing these injuries. Children MSUST be supervised at all times by their parents or some other adult designated by the parents. Parent will be held responsible for any damages caused by their children.
  • By submitting reservation request, I certify that I have read and accept the aforementioned reservation rules and regulations, guidelines and the MSOG liability statement.

Please print and sign this document. The sign page is needed at the time of signing the contract.

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