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Zakat for students in need

Assalam o Alaykum WRB,


Many families at our Meezan school are not able to pay the full tuition fees for their children due to financial difficulties. They are eager to enroll their children in an Islamic learning environment, but suffer from financial hardship. As Ramadan is the month of charity and many of us are paying their Zakat at this time, Please consider supporting a student Islamic learning fees ($3500/year) by donating your Zakat and charity to Meezan School. Please specify in your donation that this donation is to support students’ tuition fees for those who can not afford it. 

You can do that by one of the following:
1-  Bank cheques addressed to Meezan School.

 2- Bank E-transfer to “
  3- Master or visa card paid to:  Paypal

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