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First Taraweeh prayers will be held at 9:15pm on Sunday, March 10, 2024

New Building and Year end Update

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones staying healthy and well, as we continue doing everything it takes to keep our community and city safe.

This week marks 22 months since this pandemic came into our lives. What a year 2021 has proven to be. There were ups, downs and plenty of twists and turns. We continue to face unprecedented times and work hard through them. Despite the challenges of lockdowns and restrictions MSOG had the privilege to organize and host various events and initiatives this year. These activities are extremely important to our community and demonstrate understanding and civic engagement with other communities in the City of Guelph. These events and activities give the MSOG and the Muslim community a higher profile within the city as well as nationally and internationally. Events hosted by the MSOG have resulted in many requests for more information on Islam and invitations to join other local community organizations ensuring that the Muslim community has a greater voice and representation in social and political landscape. Our events are covered locally by the media and also promoted nationally and internationally. Local coverage ensures that we count as an important part of the city and decisions by city include our input.

After four years of continuous negotiations with Guelph Hydro, submitting plans and obtaining permits from the City, MSOG now has a brand new parking-lot that has space for 137 vehicles. Landscaping and leveling of the back playing field is now fully complete and we also planted a small community garden on the back field earlier this year. Next steps include relocating the portable classroom to the other side of the building in preparation for the start of construction. A building permit package was submitted and approved by the city earlier this year. Our volunteer committee has done, and continues to do, amazing work. Meeting with architects, engineers and landscapers, finalizing drawings, site plans and obtaining permits all while working full time and tending to their families is no easy feat. For this, we are grateful and thankful for their commitment to our community. Of course, this immense project could not have progressed this far without your support and generosity, for which we are also thankful.

We are now ready for the next phase of our project and with your continued support, hope to see shovels in the ground by Ramadan (April) 2022. Multiple contractors have been hired to begin the construction of the steel frame and setting the foundation for the new building. As of today, we have approximately $700,000 in our building reserves. The total cost of the next phase is approximately $1.5 million leaving a shortfall of $800,000 that needs to be filled by April 2022. We are reaching out today as there is still time to make a tax-deductible donation to Muslim Society of Guelph for 2021. We know that you have many options when it comes to end-of-year giving. Why not choose your own community center, to help further our vision of a sacred place for all to enjoy year round! Donations received by December 31, 2021 above $20 will receive a tax receipt for the 2021 tax year.


Together we are making real progress for the Muslims in Guelph, and at every step our team is focused on this mega project. There is no shortage of hope and hard work on this team and I know we can accomplish anything as a team. 

Following are the architectural drawings & contracts with different trades;

  1. Architectural Drawings for the new building
  2. Excavation for the foundation and Basement contract
  3. Forming Contract to set the building foundation
  4. Steel Structure Contract
  5. Core slab structure contract
  6. Rebar Contract
  7. Engineering Consultant Contract for Building Permit Drawings
  8. Newsletter 2020 highlighting construction expenses prior to 2021
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