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Virtues of Planting Trees in Islam

Almighty Allah says in the Qur’an:

And He is the One Who has made you vicegerents in the earth and exalted some of you over others in ranks, so that He may test you by means of (things) which He has bestowed upon you (as a trust).{Surah  Al-Anam Ch. 6 : verse 165}

The principle of responsible stewardship extends to how one treats nature in general, whether trees, rivers, forests, soil or anything else in the earth. Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) narrated great virtues of planting trees and encouraged his followers to plant trees. Even in a state of war, he prohibited Muslims from cutting down trees or plants.


  • According to Hadrat Anas b.Malik(Radiyallahu anhu): “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘It is a charitable donation when a Muslim plants a tree or grows crops and the birds, humans or cattle eat from it.’

►{al-Bukhari in al-Sahih,2:817 Hadith #2195; Muslim in al-Sahih,3:1189 Hadith #1553}

  • According to Hadrat Jabir b.’Abd Allah(Radiyallahu anhu):

“Allah’s Messenger(peace be upon him) said:‘ When a Muslim plants a tree and something is eaten of it, then it is a charity from him; anything which is stolen from it is also charity from him and what beasts feed from it is also a charitable donation. And what is being eaten by the birds is also a charitable donation for him. Hence, whatever loss one incurs will be included in charitable donation (because it benefits humans, animals and birds).’

Insha’Allah MSOG will planting around 200 trees at our field/park. You can purchase and plant at your community centre.

You may use the following link to make your selection and book your spot


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