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Action for Palestine

Assalamalaikum Dear Community Members,

We are reaching out today to ask for your support in calling for an end to the atrocious and ongoing war crimes and ethnic cleansing taking place against our Palestinian Sisters and Brothers in Gaza and the West Bank.  The following post consists of simple action items that will help spread awareness and send messages to our Federal Government.

Petitions to sign:

The following Petitions are directed towards Federal MPs and officials to halt the sale of weapons to Israel and to call for immediate end to evictions of Palestinians and violence perpetrated against them.

Boost Palestinian Voices on social media:

Follow Local and National Palestinian Organizations on Twitter and Instagram

Follow Activists like:

Noura Erakat Mohammed and Muna El-Kurd

Donations for Emergency Aid and relief can be made to any of the following organizations:

Resources to read and share with your non Muslim friends to build the awareness:

·       Trevor Noah —

·       Jon Stewart —

·       Democracy Now with Amy Goodman —

·       Naomi Klein —

·       Christian Science Monitor —

·       The United Methodist Church Clergy –

·       Israeli human rights group B’Tselem —

·       Human Rights Watch —

We encourage you to write a letter to our local MP Lloyd Longfield here are key points:

We urgently call on Canada to:

· Call for immediate and unconditional cease fire. Israel continues to target innocent civilians, the hospital and media in Palestine and it must stop immediately.

· Immediately, call for Israel to unconditionally halt the violence in Jerusalem and suspend the expulsion of Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah.  

· Work with allies to use diplomatic means to pressure Israel to stop their current policies on forced evictions.

· Reinforce the sanctity of religious sites like the Al-Aqsa Mosque from state and police violence

· Renew international efforts to pursue a two-state solution and vocally reject actions that undermine these efforts such as continuing growth and establishment of illegal settlements

· Safeguard the lives of those under occupation who face unequal and disproportionate outcomes from COVID-19

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